Parish Council

Your Parish Council

Mrs Brenda Holmes (Chairman)

Mrs Pamela Broughton (Vice Chairman)

Mr William Burton 

Mrs Sheila Farmeary

Mrs Samantha Nelson

Mr Jonathan Oxford

Mr Nigel Rickatson

Clerk: Claire Findlay

Oakworth House, Bolton, York YO41 5QS Tel: 01759 368309

15 Chestnut Way, Fangfoss, York, YO41 5SD Tel: 01759 368125

Willowbank, Spittal, York YO41 5QR Tel: 01759 368456

44 St Martins Close, Fangfoss, York YO41 5RA Tel: 01759 368215

6 The Paddock, Fangfoss. YORK YO41 5SH Tel: 01759 369900

5 The Paddock, Fangfoss, York, YO41 5SH Tel: 01759 369518

Red Roofs, Station Road, Fangfoss, YORK, YO41 5QB Tel: 01759 368597

Contact the clerk:
21 Halifax Close, Full Sutton, York, YO41 1NU
Tel: 07746 759143
About Your Parish Council

The Parish Council operates as a non-political body serving the community by dealing with local issues and working closely with East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) and other Public Bodies.  It aims to keep the Council in touch with the needs of the community. 

The Councillors, who make up the Parish Council, are elected every four years in local elections. The Council employs a Clerk whose role is to ensure that the business of the Parish Council runs smoothly within the legal requirements as laid down by Central Government and to carry out the policy decisions of the Council.  

Regular monthly meetings are held as well as an Annual General Meeting in May at which a report of the previous year's activities of the Parish Council is presented.  An Annual Parish Meeting is also held in May at which various reports such as the Jubilee Park Committee report are presented. 

Meetings include discussions on matters of planning, roads and footpaths, finance and other relevant issues. They also include discussion of policy and documents produced by local and central government. Members of the public and press may attend these meetings and may participate in the Open Forum. They may also request that a matter be placed on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting. 

The Parish Council is funded by what is known as a 'precept'.   This is a sum of money which is calculated and applied for annually, from ERYC.   This is incorporated with the local Council Tax.  

Expenditure includes insurance of Parish Council assets, maintenance of village projects, Audit fees, the Clerk's salary and other minor expenses. A detailed annual return accounting for the use of finances must be produced and submitted to the Audit Commission each year. 

The Parish Council is a member of the The East Riding and Northern Lincolnshire Local Councils Association (ERNLLCA) which is a central body providing guidance and assistance on matters relating to the running of Parish Councils.
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